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Steam 2.0.136413: Introduced. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Stories of Togetherness is one of Petra's romance missions. The player must be dating Petra and must have completed Stories of Petra and seen the post-mission dialogue. Petra has a mission for the player to pick up: Alright, sounds like fun.Portia At Home. 424 likes. Hi, Chef Portia here! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram as I share my favorite recipes straight from our home kitchen!My Time at Portia ; App data My Time at Portia. Start a new life in the enchanting town of Portia! Restore your Pa's neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the quirky inhabitants of this charming post-apocalyptic land!

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Arlo — (Dialogue) (Gallery) The Cave on Amber Island Assemble Dee-Dee Transport Panbat Infestation The Poisoned Water The Crashed Station Rescue in Ingall's Mine The Debt Collectors Adventures with Mali To Light the Way The Theft A Boat to Starlight The Perfect Trap The Burnt Warehouse When the Council Guards has arrived Mason's arrival at Portia Talk about favorite foods ⁠⁠ If the food ...The Round Table is a medieval-themed restaurant located on Main Street and Peach Plaza of Portia. The restaurant is owned by Django, while Sonia is the restaurant's sole waitress. Townsfolk are often found dining inside the restaurant, and the player can also dine here to regain Stamina. The player can also play games in Django's Gaming Hall, including Darts, Slots, or Shoot Balloons. Playing ...Apricot Juice is a consumable item used to restore Stamina. Apricot Juice can be purchased at the following shop: Apricot Juice can be crafted using the following crafting station: Apricot Juice can also be found in a treasure chest in Portia. Apricot Juice can be consumed or given as a gift. It can also be placed in a furniture storage slot as a …How To Unlock: Mars, the owner of the Total Tools shop, gives you a quest asking you to kill Sea Urchins for Spines. Complete that quest to get the recipe. [/accordion_item] [/accordion] We’re still updating this My Time At Portia Recipe Unlock Guide as we progress through the game so check back soon for updates.

Cactus Fruit is a raw material used in crafting and an ingredient used in cooking. Cactus Fruit can be obtained by cutting down cacti in the Desert. Cactus Fruit can be fed to animals or gifted. It is also used to craft First Aid Kits. One Cactus Fruit is needed for Ginger's romance mission. Cactus Fruit can be used as food for farm animals in Coop, Shed, or Stable. It provides 19 growth ...Pumpkin Pie is a consumable that restores stamina. Pumpkin Pie can be purchased at the following shop: Sophie will occasionally send the player two Pumpkin Pies if they become friends with her. Pumpkin Pie can be obtained as a reward for The Water Tank, Martha's Delivery, The Secret of Planting, and Sophie's Test missions. Gale will give the player …1 My Time For The Winner…. With a score of three to two, My Time At Sandrock takes center stage while My Time At Portia serves as its understudy. Sandrock is just a more interesting and engaging affair with a heavier emphasis on survival, time management, and contribution. Despite this, Portia is the place you should go for a less intense and character is higgins, obviously. hardly saying a word, he inspires your journey in 10x the way that 'reclaiming your imaginary father's legacy' ever could. close second is papa bear. close third is the newspapers posted outside mei and erwa's publishing office. Phyllis <3 I wish I had my shit together like she does.So it’s a general, always available gift for mid 100’s to low 200’s gols. Phyllis likes Talismans for +10. EDIT: also she will lose her shit over seafood noodles, magnetic bracelets, and hospital beds. Don't give her wildflowers though, she is a refined lady and those gutter flowers aren't good enough for her.

Koi Fish is a fish that can be sold for Gols or used in cooking as an ingredient. Koi Fish can be caught while fishing at two fishing spots: on the southeastern shore of Amber Island and on Starlight Island. Koi Fish can also be purchased at the following shops: Note: Catch times assume that the player is using a Beginner's Fishing Rod. Using other rods will lower the time taken to catch a ...Research Notes are a special item used to upgrade the Factory. Research Notes becomes available for purchase the morning after completing Adventure on Starlight Island. Main article: Factory#Upgrades Research Notes can be used at the Smart Control Center, a console to the right of the Auto workstation, to upgrade the speed at which the Factory produces items. To fully upgrade the Factory, the ... ….

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Seafood Paella is a consumable item cooked using the Cooking Set. Seafood Paella can be cooked in a Cooking Set by adding the correct combination of three ingredients. Seafood Paella can be given as a gift or consumed by the player to restore Health. The player can consume a Seafood Paella to restore 3% of their maximum Health per second for 15 seconds. Seafood Paella can be given as a gift to ...Black pasta is a type of noodle that is made with flour, eggs, oil and squid or cuttlefish ink. It is from from the squid or cuttlefish ink that seafood manufacturers extract from ...SEAFOOD NOODLES. Seafood Noodles require the following ingredients: 1 Flour. 1 Coriander. 1 Cat Fish. When consumed, Seafood Noodles will provide the player with 5 Health per second for a maximum of 20 seconds. SPECIAL SALMON FRIED RICE. Special Salmon Fried Rice requires the following ingredients: 1 Emperor Golden Salmon. 1 Rice. 1 Cinnamon

Present for the Celebration is a main mission. It triggers every year before the Day of the Bright Sun festival. On Day 12, Month 1 of every year, the player will receive a letter from the Portia Government: In order to complete the mission the player needs to give a gift to Gale. The player will get between -1 to +15 relationship points with every character in town, depending on the item they ...The Japanese tend to eat lunch in the form of rice, noodles, seafood and beef served in bowls or bento boxes. While food is served in bowls at home or in restaurants, school childr...

dmv banks road margate 1 Mucus. Iron Wooden Plank can also be obtained as a product of recycling any items it is used to craft or the following items: Recycle Machine Recycle Machine. Item. Returns. Meeting Table Meeting Table. 5 Hardwood Plank. 2 Iron Wooden Plank. Sandbox Table Sandbox Table.A simple mod for My Time At Portia . 5.3MB ; 939-- Portia Helper. Gameplay. Uploaded: 17 Dec 2019 . Last Update: 20 Dec 2019. Author: MestreKarin. A simple mod for My Time At Portia . View mod page; View image gallery; Storage Anywhere. Gameplay. Uploaded: 04 Mar 2020 . Last Update: 26 May 2020. 32 x 80 left hand outswing exterior doorapplebee's grill and bar topeka menu Strange Soup is a food item cooked using the Cooking Set. Strange Soup can be cooked in a Cooking Set by adding the correct combination of ingredients following the formula below: Each ingredient used should be unique. The player needs to use two different random ingredients. The order of adding the ingredients to the Cooking Set does not …Seafood Noodles: 1 Fish (Any fish), 1 Flour, and 1 Seasoning (Cinnamon, Coriander, or Cumin) Spaghetti with Hot Sauce: 1 Meat (Pork, Chicken, Lobster Meat, or Meat), 1 Flour , and 1 Spicy Seasoning (Chili Pepper, Ginger, or Mustard) wearing footgear nyt Order takeaway and delivery at Oodles N’Oodles, Coventry with Tripadvisor: See 431 unbiased reviews of Oodles N’Oodles, ranked #29 on Tripadvisor among 754 restaurants in Coventry.Spiced Steak is a consumable item that can be cooked using the Cooking Set. Spiced Steak can be obtained by successfully predicting the winner of elimination matches during the Martial Arts Tournament. Spiced Steak can be cooked in a Cooking Set by adding the correct combination of ingredients: Spiced Steak can be given as a gift or consumed by the player to restore Stamina. The player can ... cracker barrel old country store kansas city menu2009 honda pilot center console sliding covercracker barrel idaho falls idaho Dinner at Sophie's is a secondary mission. It occurs, if the player is married to Emily. The player must have the following to complete this mission: ⁠⁠ Cooking Set This mission, along with several other post-marriage side missions, occurs periodically at the start of a new day, and is repeatable. Emily will ask for having dinner at Sophie's. The player has a choice either to accept or ... exercise equipment for sale on craigslist My Time At Portia is a game that doesn't need a walkthrough, since most of the 'main quest' is rather self-explanatory, but some things can be a bit obscure or daunting for a new player. ... Nora (05/04): Seafood Noodles +12, needs the Cooking Set and some Fish, Flour and spice of your choice. Alternatively, Rainbow Lemonade +4, ... judge lina hidalgo husband2002 chevy avalanche fuel line diagramxfinity center mansfield parking 1 Mucus. Iron Wooden Plank can also be obtained as a product of recycling any items it is used to craft or the following items: Recycle Machine Recycle Machine. Item. Returns. Meeting Table Meeting Table. 5 Hardwood Plank. 2 Iron Wooden Plank. Sandbox Table Sandbox Table.